“Within white supremacist capitalist patriarchal cultures of domination, children do not have rights.” – bell hooksimgAbout

Every hierarchy, every abuse, every act of domination that seeks to justify or excuse itself appeals through analogy to the rule of adults over children. We are all indoctrinated from birth in ways of “because I said so.” The flags of supposed experience, benevolence, and familial obligation are the first of many paraded through our lives to celebrate the suppression of our agency, the dismissal of our desires, the reduction of our personhood. Our whole world is caught in a cycle of abuse, largely unexamined and unnamed. And at its root lies our dehumanization of children.¹

STINNEY DISTRO is an ambitious attempt to bring prominence to the many diverse voices speaking up. Not confined to timid or patronizing top-down reforms, but strident advocacy for wholesale liberation.

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“These zines were originally published online free of charge and copyright. We’ve put them in print so that they might reach a different audience, because we believe print has a different impact to electronic editions. To do so, we’ve had to put a small cover charge on this anthology; however, the reader should rest assured that the charge is simply to cover the costs associated with printing. All of the publishers involved in producing this edition operate on a strictly non-for-profit basis, and this print edition stays true to the spirit of the original project. We encourage the reader to pass this book on to a friend once they’ve finished with it.”

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Anti-Copyright Ⓐ 2014
Intellectual property is a legally fabricated monopoly, confining culture and science, and violently depriving the poorest and most marginalized from access to critical resources. The fictions of copyright and patent are despotic attempts to monopolize the mind; outrageous constraints on intelligence and creativity; and a destructive protectionist scheme for the profit of power.

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