Youth Liberation
A Youth Liberation Table of Contents
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Youth Rights Discussion

Youth-Led Projects
BAYS  LGBTQ* Youth Summit (SF Bay Area)
Black Youth 4 Truth
Black Youth N’Action  (Oakland)
Blitz  Children’s Power Group (Oslo)
Carolina Youth Action Project  (South Carolina)
Children Over Politics  (California)
Cops Outta Campus (Phoenix, Arizona)
Cutting Class  Counterinfo (USA)
Disabled Youth SA  For Us By Us (South Africa)
End Adultism
Filler  Zine Distro (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
GAFA  Anti-Fascist Youth (Glasgow)
Girlcon  (London)
Girl Love  Zine
H.O.L.L.A.  Youth of Color Movement (NYC)
Immigrant Youth Coalition  (USA)
Indigenous Youth Movement  (Tkaronto)
Insurrectionary Youth Front  (Asheville, North Carolina)
Marrow  Radical Youth Space (Portland, Oregon)
Melanin Diary  Black Teens and Activism
Queer Youth CPT  (Cape Town)
RAD  Regeneration Against Destruction (San Jose, California)
Rainbow Cafe  LGBT Youth Center (Carbondale, Illinois)
Revolutionary Student Collective  (Burma)
Rockaway Youth Task Force  (New York)
The Scamp School  (Massachusetts)
Surrey Youth Space  (British Columbia)
Trans Youth Speak  (Los Angeles)
T.Q.Y.  Trans & Queer Youth (New Orleans)
Upside Down  Youth Space (North Carolina)
Urban Native Youth Association  (Vancouver)
Urban Youth Collaborative  (New York City)
Vgneration  Vegan Youth
Youth Blackout  (Washington, DC)
Youth Justice Coalition  (Los Angeles)
Youth Leadership Council  Undocumented Youth (New York City)
Youth Organizing Institute  (North Carolina)
YO!  Support Group for Youth With Disabilities  (Rochester, NY)

Projects For/About Youth
67 Sueños  Migrant Youth Voices (Oakland)
Abundant Beginnings  Community Education (Oakland)
ARTE  Art and Resistance
Atheist Youth  (Iraq)
Attic Youth Center  LGBTQ Youth Center (Philadelphia)
Assata’s Daughters  (Chicago)
BAY Peace  Youth Leadership (Oakland)
The Beat Within  Voices of Incarcerated Youth (SF Bay Area)
Black Youth Project  (Chicago)
BreakOUT  Youth Space (New Orleans)
Childhelp  (USA)
Coping with Bullies
CURYJ  Restorative Youth Justice (Oakland)
Future Generation  Zine Book
Hip Mama  Magazine (USA)
I.C.C.C.  Radical Childcare (USA)
Liberation Library  Books to Incarcerated Youth (Chicago, Illinois)
LSPC  Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Millennials Are Killing Capitalism  Podcast
NYRA  Youth Rights (USA)
Omni Child Space  Radical Commons (Oakland)
Our Space  LGBTQ Center (San Francisco Bay Area)
Queer Kid Stuff  Vids for Kids
QueerYouthU  (Uganda)
Rad Dad  Magazine (USA)
radfun  Activist Collective (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Radical Monarchs  Girls of Color Troop (Oakland)
Regeneración  Radical Childcare (New York City)
Revolutionary Horizon  Student Group (San Antonio, Texas)
RYSE Youth Center (Richmond, CA)
Stay Solid  Radical Youth Handbook
SURJ Youth and Families  (San Francisco Bay Area)
Surveillance Self-Defense  Tech Security for LGBTQ Youth
The@Library  Topic: children
Time Out  Youth Center (North Carolina)
Undercommoning  Against the University (North America)
YL Ann Arbor  Youth Liberation (Michigan)
Youth Action Movement  (Ghana)
Youth Represent  Legal Justice (New York City)
Youth Rise  (Texas)

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